Bio-Gymnema 90 capsules
Bio-Gymnema 90 capsules

Bio-Gymnema 90 capsules

Brand: Ayush Herbs
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This herb has a long history of use in blood 
sugar disorders. As long ago as the first 
century A.D., Gymnema Sylvestre was noted 
for its ability to rid the body of excess sugars 
and was thus called Gurmar: meaning, destroyer 
of sugar. Clinical and experimental studies have 
shown Gymnema sylvestre and Pterocarpus 
marsupium to be effective in promoting healthy 
blood sugar balance. These herbs first block 
absorption of sugar from the intestinal tracts, 
then act to normalize blood glucose levels as 
well as effectively nourish the beta cells of the 
pancreas, in some cases actually restoring their 

90 Capsules

One capsule contains: 
Biotin			             2,150mcg
Betaine HCl               		200  mg 
Chromium Nicotinate 		105  mcg 
Gymnema Sylvestre 
    (75% Gymnemic Acids)	                300  mg
Pterocarpus marsupium		100  mg 
Basil 				100  mg 
Momardica Charantia		50   mg
Neem 				50   mg

Other ingredients: 
Vegetarian capsule ( cellulose and chlorophyll)

Suggested dose: 
One capsule three times daily or as directed by your 

Ayush Herbs    Bio-Gymnema 
diabetes, blood sugar, blood glucose
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