Chia Seed 1 lb.
Chia Seed 1 lb.

Chia Seed 1 lb.

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Chia (pronounced chee'ah) is the richest 
and only unprocessed, whole good source 
of pure Omega 3. A member of the mint family, 
Chia is native to Central America and has 
been used traditionally for over 3000 years. 
Ancient Aztec warriors prized Chia as an 
endurance promoting superfood, eating it in 
bread just before battle, and drinking it in 
water before running long distances. 

Due to its high fiber content, Chia seed 
absorbs more than ten times its weight in 
water, making it an excellent source of 
hydration. Chia's soluble fiber forms a gel 
that slows the absorption of sugar into the 
bloodstream, binds it to toxins in the digestive 
system, and helps eliminate waste. 

Chia is especially rich in essential fatty 
acids and high-ORAC antioxidants like 
quercetin, myrecetin, caffeic acid and 
chlorogenic acid. As a result, Chia seeds 
maintain a 99% sprout rate and have a 
shelf life of up to 5 years. Chia seeds are 
rich in Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron, 
Zinc, many trace minerals and biologically-
complete protein, making it the perfect survival 
food. Chia is certified kosher. Non-irradiated.

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