GlucoFit  60 Softgels
GlucoFit 60 Softgels

GlucoFit 60 Softgels

Brand: Allergy Research Group
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GlucoFit™ is an extract of the herb Lagerstroemia 
speciosa L., processed by water extraction and 
standardized to 1% corosolic acid. Research has 
shown that corosolic acid, the active triterpenoid, 
helps regulate blood sugar within normal levels by 
supporting glucose metabolism and activating 
glucose transport and uptake.* In addition, it has 
been shown to support carbohydrate metabolism.* 
GlucoFit™ was used in a placebo-controlled blood g
lucose study involving ten people. After a two-week 
supplementation period using 2 capsules of GlucoFit™ 
daily (supplying .48 mg of corosolic acid), benefit was 

Suggested Use: 
As a dietary supplement, 1 softgel half an hour 
before morning and evening meals, or as 
directed by a healthcare practitioner.

Individuals using insulin should consult 
a healthcare professional before use.

Serving Size 1 softgel  
Servings per container  60 
Amount per serving:    
GlucoHelp™ (from Lagerstroemia speciosa L., 
18% Corosolic Acid)         1.334 mg 
Other ingredients: 
Rice bran oil, gelatin, glycerin, water, carob 
extract, silicon dioxide, yellow beeswax, zinc oxide.

Note: Each capsule still contains 0.24 mg of 
corosolic acid. The concentration of the active 
material has increased 18-fold, so the amount 
supplied has been adjusted to keep the 
amount of corosolic acid per capsule exactly 
the same. 

These nutrients are of the highest quality and 
purity obtainable, are free of all common 
allergens (antigens), and do not contain 
preservatives, diluents, or artificial additives.

ARG ALLERGY RESEARCH - GlucoFit (formerly Glucotrim) 60 Softgels

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