Red Yeast Rice Plus CoQ-10  90 Veg Caps
Red Yeast Rice Plus CoQ-10 90 Veg Caps

Red Yeast Rice Plus CoQ-10 90 Veg Caps

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Red yeast rice is a unique ingredient native 
to China. Red yeast rice has traditionally been 
used in Asian cuisine, and also as an herbal 
medicinal compound. Red yeast rice is produced 
by the fermentation of red yeast (Monascus 
purpureus) with white rice. Red yeast rice 
supplements may help support healthier cholesterol 
levels, possibly by virtue of their naturally occurring 
lovastatins. Lovastatins work by interfering with the 
synthesis of cholesterol in the liver, but they also 
interfere with the liver's production of crucial Co Q-10.

So combining red yeast rice with Co Q-10, 
as Solaray has done with this product, is a 
good idea and probably why this product has 
become so popular. Solaray Red Yeast Rice 
Extract also incorporates the B vitamin niacin, 
which has also been shown to lower cholesterol.

Allow 8-12 weeks of consistent use before 
evaluating your results via a blood cholesterol 
test. Do not combine red yeast rice with 
cholesterol medications unless instructed 
to do so by your doctor.

Ingredients in 1 Capsule:

Niacin 50mg 
Coenzyme Q-10 30mg  
Red Yeast Rice 600mg 

Other Ingredients:
Vegetable Cellulose Capsule, Rice Flour,
Silica and Magnesium Stearate

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