Eby's Cold Cure 80 Lozenges
Eby's Cold Cure 80 Lozenges

Eby's Cold Cure 80 Lozenges

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Eby's ColdCure zinc lozenges use one of the only 
formulations ever demonstrated in the history of 
common cold research to reduce dramatically the 
duration and severity of all common cold symptoms 
in independent, non-company, double-blind, clinical 
trials published in peer reviewed medical journals. 
His 5-gram peppermint flavored ColdCure zinc lozenges 
release 18.0 mg ionic sinc and they are pleasant 
tasting but highly astringent - evidence of ionic zinc. 

For common colds and their symptoms including nasal 
drainage, nasal congestion, sneezing , cough, sore 
throat, scratchy throat, hoarseness, muscle ache, 
fever, headache.

Active ingredient:
Zincum aceticum 2X   50 mg 
( equivalent to 18 mg ionic zinc)

Inactive ingredients:
Dextrose, fructose, glyceryl monostearate, silica gel, 
peppermint oil

Start therapy with two lozenges one after another, 
at the first sign of a cold, specifically a scratchy throat.
After initial double dose, slowly dissolve  one in mouth 
each 2 hour & with one before bedtime - maximum 
10 lozenges per day. Do not skip doses or stop taking 
doses until all common cold symptoms have been 
absent for 6 hours.If not substantially well after 3 days, 
discontinue ues and consult physician. If symptoms 
worsen or side effects occur, stop treatment.

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