Mediclear Plus Powder
Mediclear Plus Powder

Mediclear Plus Powder

Brand: Thorne Research
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MediClear Plus is a rice & pea protein-based product with 
a full complement of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, 
botanicals, probiotics, and other nutrients for the 
enhancement of detoxification.* Providing essential 
nutrient cofactors, while supplying an adequate 
amount of low-allergenicity protein, can be very 
beneficial to liver function.* Health-care practitioners 
know many benefits can result when a patient's liver i
s functioning as it should, including proper digestion, 
normal levels of cholesterol and intestinal flora, and 
increased energy production.*

MediClear Plus provides macronutrient elements 
(mostly protein with small amounts of fat and 
carbohydrate), micronutrient elements (vitamins, 
minerals, and amino acids), and botanicals that 
are necessary for detoxification support,

Mediclear Plus contains all the nutritional benefits 
of MediClear with the added advantages of 
curcumin phytosome, grape seed phytosome, 
and green tea phytosome - all well-absorbed 
forms of these plant extracts for maintenance 
of the body's normal inflammatory response.

MediClear Plus is an unflavored, unsweetened, 
and undeniably pure powder that can be added 
to water or a fruit or vegetable juice - resulting in 
a pleasant-tasting beverage. It can also be used 
to make a delicious smoothie.

Suggested Use: 
2 scoops in 8 ounces of water two to three 
times daily, or as otherwise directed by a
 health-care practitioner. 

Thorne Research   Mediclear
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