Bladder Control Plus™  60 capsules
Bladder Control Plus™ 60 capsules

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Bladder Control Plus™ 60 capsules

Brand: True Botanica
Style: 6023
Our Price: $28.50
An advanced formula helpful for men and women alike! 


• Go-Less™ - a patented mix of water soluble pumpkin seeds and soy germ, 
standardized to 40% isoflavones. Multiple studies have found it can reduce incontinent 
episodes by up to 80%, reduce unwanted daytime urination by up to 40%, and reduce 
unwanted nighttime urination by up to 70%.
• Yarrow - naturally supports bladder strength, reduces occasional spasms and 
relieves discomfort.
• Specific rhythmically prepared trace minerals and the herbs wood-sage (teucrium) 
and Lightroot™. Rudolf Steiner's research indicates that these minerals and herbs may 
have a significant strengthening effect on the etheric life forces of the bladder. 
This formula uniquely incorporates Bioperine, a special black pepper extract that greatly 
enhances the plasma levels of all active ingredients.   

To maintain the highest level of a healthy functioning bladder use Bladder Control Plus™ 
every day for at least 12 weeks. 

Bladder Control Plus™ may be taken 1 capsule twice daily or two capsules in the 
evening. Some studies of the key ingredients, however, claimed even better results when 
2 capsules were given twice daily for the first 2 weeks followed by the regular servings after 

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