Netixlear Nasal Wash 20 packets
Netixlear Nasal Wash 20 packets

Netixlear Nasal Wash 20 packets

Brand: Xlear Inc.
Style: 6121
Our Price: $9.99
The NetiXlear® solution enhances centuries-old 
practice of nasal irrigation with neti pots offering natural 
relief to a variety of nasal ailments. NetiXlear® Nasal 
Wash combines the traditional nasal and sinus cleansers 
of sea salt and sodium bicarbonate with the amazing 
health benefits of xylitol to bathe the nasal cavity and 
gently wash the tissues to clear away built-up mucus 
and airborne contaminants that can irritate the nasal 
passages and sinuses. Simply add one half to one 
packet of NetiXlear to your neti pot solution for the 
ultimate nasal cleanse.

To ensure that the delicate tissues of the nasal passage 
are protected, NetiXlear® does not contain any processed 
chemicals, additives or preservatives and is drug free. 
NetiXlear® comes in boxes of 20 packets, and also 
comes with a complimentary bottle of patented Xlear 
Saline Nasal Spray with Xylitol.

xylitol, Celtic Sea Salt®, and sodium bicarbonate 

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