BodyBio Balance Oil 16 fl.oz.
BodyBio Balance Oil 16 fl.oz.

BodyBio Balance Oil 16 fl.oz.

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Essential Oils (EFAs) are simply essential. We must 
consume them or we will not survive. Today's food 
supply (supermarket stuff) is out of balance-the oils 
that are on the shelf are not correct for optimum health. 
There is usually little to no omega 3. Or, there is too 
much omega 3, such as found in plain flax oil. 
Quite simply, we need enough fatty acids, in the right 
balance, for the human body to function consistently & 
properly. The correct ratio has been thoroughly researched 
and is 4:1 (4 parts of omega 6, linoleic acid, to 1 part of 
omega 3, linolenic acid). 

BodyBio Balance Oil is a blend of organic cold pressed 
sunflower and flax oils in a scientifically determined 
blend of a 4:1 ration of omega 6 to omega 3. 

One tablespoon contains:
              ( 48 tablespoon servings)
Calories           120
                                                    % Daily Value
Total fat                      13 g                   20%
Saturated fat              1.5 g                    7%
Trans fat                       0 g

Linoleic (omega-6)       8.3 g   *
Linolenic (omega-3)     2.1 g   *
Oleic ( Omega-9)         1.9 g    *

* Daily value not established

organic unrefined sunflower seed oil, organic unrefined 
flax seed oil, natural mixed tocopherols

- Low temperature processing 
- No additives, preservatives, bleaching agents or 
  hexane extraction
- Contains 0 g trans fatty acids
- Certified organic seeds, completely unrefined oils
- Cold-Pressed sunflower and flax seed oil 
- Laboratory analysis guarantees purity of product

Approximately 2-4 tablespoons of BodyBio Balance Oil 
should be taken daily, preferably with protein.

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