V Clear EPs 7630 Cherry Flavor 4 fl. oz.
V Clear EPs 7630 Cherry Flavor 4 fl. oz.

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V Clear EPs 7630 Cherry Flavor 4 fl. oz.

Brand: Integrative Therapeutics Inc.
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Shortens duration & reduces severity
     Sore Throat

Clinically studied for the common cold, bronchitis, 
sinusitis, and tonsillitis

 - A randomized, placebo-controlled study of 103 patients 
with the common cold used a liquid extract of Pelargonium 
sidoides. After 10 days, 78.8% of the EPs group were 
"clinically cured" compared to 31.4% in the placebo group.

 -  In one multicenter study, the EPs 7630 group recovered 
from acute bronchitis nearly twice as fast as placebo.

 -  In another study involving children and adolescents with 
acute bronchitis, use of EPs 7630 resulted in nearly three 
times the improvement in symptoms versus placebo on 
day seven.

 - In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, 
143 children ages 6-10 years with tonsillitis received 
either EPs 7630 or a placebo for 6 days. By day 6, 
the number of children returning to school was 80.8%
in the EPs 7630 group compared to only 21.4% in the 
placebo group.4

ViraClear EPs 7630 is a homeopathic remedy containing 
a proprietary extract - EPs 7630 - obtained from the roots 
of the South African Pelargonium sidoides plant.

Proven safety  over 20 clinical trials
     An excellent remedy for the entire family 
     Studied in more than 9,000 patients, including 
    3,900 children

ITI Integrative Therapeutics - V Clear EPs 7630 Cherry Flavor 4 fl. oz.

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