Iron Response 90 Tablets
Iron Response 90 Tablets

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Iron Response 90 Tablets

Brand: Innate Response
Style: 6365
Our Price: $32.95
Iron Response is a nutritionally bioactive formula crafted 
from 100% whole food nutrients vital to the healthy 
production of red blood cells. Iron present in whole food 
exists within a web of protective bio-carriers and other 
beneficial constituents that enhance the safety and 
utilization of iron in the body. This superior formulation 
provides whole food iron, which does not exhibit the 
deleterious side effects associated with isolated forms 
of iron. Whole food iron from True Active FoodState is 
not only gentle on the digestive system but is also non-
binding. Promoting healthy blood cell production and 
circulation and naturally combating fatigue with whole 
food iron and supportive nutrients, Iron Response is a 
truly unparalleled nutritional combination supporting 
healthy iron levels in the blood.

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