Inflammacore 730 gram Powder
Inflammacore 730 gram Powder

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Inflammacore 730 gram Powder

Brand: Ortho Molecular Products
Style: 6419
Our Price: $77.00
Cherry Vanilla Flavor

InflammaCORE is a premier powdered drink mix that 
provides nutrients needed to support individuals under 
chronic inflammatory burden. InflammaCORE can be used 
in a diverse manner, providing support for gastrointestinal, 
cardiovascular and immune health. We have included 
high doses of amino acids that support the gastrointestinal 
tract along with traditional herbs such as skullcap root, 
turmeric, quercetin, ginger and green tea. InflammaCORE 
contains a potent bee propolis standardized to contain 
5% caffeic acid phenethyl ester (CAPE). Studies show 
CAPE provides great benefit for those with gastrointestinal 
related disorders. Larch arbinogalactan is also included in 
InflammaCORE for its immune enhancing activities as well 
as acting as a prebiotic agent. 

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