Eating Clean for Dummies
Eating Clean for Dummies

Eating Clean for Dummies

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Co-Authored by:
Dr. Jonathan V. Wright and Linda Larsen

The fast and easy way to eat clean!

Clean foods are natural; free of added sugars, 
hydrogenated fats, trans-fats, and anything else 
that is unnatural and unnecessary. Used as a 
way of life, clean eating can improve overall health, 
prevent disease, increase energy, and stabilize moods. 

Whether you've lived on white bread and trans 
fats all your life and are looking to clean-up your 
diet, or are already health conscious, Eating Clean 
For Dummies embraces this lifestyle and provides 
you with an easy-to-follow guide to a clean-eating 
diet, recipes, and budgeting. 

The foundation of the clean eater's diet
More than 40 clean-eating recipes
Tips on how to change your eating habits 
without sacrificing taste or breaking your budget
Tips to bring the whole family (even kids) on 
the path to a clean lifestyle

If you're part of the growing population of 
consumers coming to the realization of the 
harmful impacts that highly processed and 
unnatural foods have on your body, or are 
taking preventive measures to avoid metabolic 
syndromes and diabetes, this is your hands-on, 
friendly guide to clean-eating diet, recipes, 
and budgeting.
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