Probiotic-Pro BB536
Probiotic-Pro BB536

Probiotic-Pro BB536

Brand: Bioclinic Naturals
Style: 6999
Our Price: $40.00
-  High potency: 10 billion cfu (colony forming units) of Bifidobacterium longum
   BB536 per capsule
-  Incredibly shelf stable: over 80% survival rate at 1 year at 25 Celsius
-  Does not require refrigeration
-  Specially formulated with a unique technology to resist disruption in the acidic
   conditions of the stomach and to dissolve smoothly in the non-acidic conditions of
   the intestine
-  BB536 one of the most studied species in the world
-  70 scientific reports conducted, including 35 human clinical trials

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 vegetarian capsule
Servings per Container: 30

Each Capsule Contains:
BB536® Bifidobacterium longum                              10 billion cfu*
*cfu: colony forming units.
Guaranteed 10 billion active cells at the time of expiry.

Non-medicinal Ingredients: 
Microcrystalline cellulose, calcium carbonate, vegetarian capsule (carbohydrate gum 
[cellulose], purified water, silica), vegetable grade magnesium stearate (lubricant).

Contains milk.
Contains no artificial preservatives, colours or sweeteners and no corn, soy or wheat. 
Sealed for your protection. Do not use if seal is broken.

Recommended Adult Dose: 
1-2 capsules 2-3 times daily or as directed by a health care professional.

Do not use if you are experiencing nausea, fever, vomiting, bloody diarrhea or 
severe abdominal pain. Do not use if you have an immune-compromised condition 
(e.g. AIDS, lymphoma, patients undergoing long term corticosteroid treatment)
without supervision by a health care professional. Contains milk casein. It is not 
recommended for those with milk or casein allergies. 
Children over 12 can take half the recommended adult dose if able to swallow 

Drug Interactions: 
No known drug interactions exist. Separation by at least 2 hours from antibiotic use 
may improve the efficacy of Probiotic-Pro BB536.

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