Shingles Relief 1.6oz
Shingles Relief 1.6oz

Shingles Relief 1.6oz

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Shingles Relief contains herbs such as White Willow and Lavender that are traditionally 
used to reduce inflammation and pain and relax the nerves irritated by the outbreak of 

Herbs like Poke and Lemon Balm are traditionally used as anti-viral and anti-herpetic, 
this would give your immune system an advantage in fighting off the virus. 

Skin damage and even scarring can occur during a bout of shingles because your 
immune system targets and destroys infected skin cells. Herbs like Calendula, 
Chickweed and Comfrey are traditionally used to help the skin heal and can reduce
the severity of scarring. 

Poke: traditional anti-viral support
Arnica: Relieves shingles pain and promotes healing
Willow: Alleviates pain
St. John's Wort: Soothes skin inflammation by relaxing nerves
Comfrey: Promotes skin cell regeneration and supports healing of heals damaged 
Lavender: Helps to relieve over-active nerves
Charparral: traditional Anti-viral support
Lemon Balm: traditionally used for its Herpes fighting action
Passion Flower: traditionally used to Further reduce reduced nerve pain
Meadowsweet: traditionally used to Relieves relieve skin irritation
Humic Acid: Antiviral support
Aloe vera, Titanium dioxide

If possible, use Shingles Relief sooner than later- in the first two weeks of the outbreak. 
Apply every 4-6 hours. Shingles Relief is a thin lotion so it will be absorb quickly.

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