Inflamyar 480 Pellets
Inflamyar 480 Pellets

Inflamyar 480 Pellets

Brand: Bio Resource/Pekana
Style: 7876
Our Price: $15.75
Homeopathic oral pellets
For sports injuries, sprains, joint problems, bruises, muscle strains, and minor inflammation.

Arnica montana                      4X
Bellis perennis                        4X
Bryonia cretica                       4X
Guajacum                               6X
Ledum palustre                     12X
Ruta graveolens                     4X
Toxicodendron quercifolium   8X
Viscum album                        4X

Selected ingredients prepared by spagyric processes. Contains sucrose. 

Dosage: Unless otherwise prescribed, adults take 10 pellets, 4times per day.
For pediatric doses, consult your practitioner. 

If symptoms persist, contact a licensed practitioner. 
If you are pregnant or nursing, seek advice of a healthcare practitioner.

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