Black Cumin Seed Oil 60 capsules
Black Cumin Seed Oil 60 capsules

Black Cumin Seed Oil 60 capsules

Brand: Life Extension
Style: 8005
Our Price: $16.00
Scientists have determined that black cumin seeds contain a broad spectrum of 
active compounds. Combined, these compounds provide powerful and wide-ranging
immune support and promote healthy inflammatory response.

A number of biological factors contribute to the body's normal inflammatory activity, 
including cell-signaling chemicals and hormone-like messengers. In a series of scientific 
studies, Black Cumin Seed Oil has been shown to support the normal effectiveness of 
these inflammatory factors.

Also, an aging, healthy immune system needs to orchestrate the activity of macrophages 
and helper T-cells. Black Cumin Seed Oil was also shown to support the optimal function 
of this vitally important defensive activity.

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