Refluxin 90 chewable tablets
Refluxin 90 chewable tablets

Refluxin 90 chewable tablets

Brand: Ecological/Cardiovascular
Style: 818
Our Price: $14.55
Refluxin is a scientifically-designed formula providing a buoyant gastric "raft" 
with emollient and mildly antacid characteristics in a pleasant tasting, slightly 
effervescent fructose-glucose-citric acid base.

Each tablet contains:    
Pectin 				100 mg  
Mucin                          	50  mg  
Magnesium Carbonate 		50  mg  
Potassium Bicarbonate 		23  mg  
Sodium Bicarbonate  		23  mg  
Lecithin 			25  mg 

Other ingreidients: 
Glucose, cellulose, fructose, citric acid, vanilla flavor, magnesium stearate, silicon 

Chew 1 tablet separately after meals, up to five times daily as needed, or as directed 
by a physician. Important: Briefly chew each tablet separately, swallow with a sip of 

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