Understanding Gout
Understanding Gout

Understanding Gout

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Author: Jefferson, Warren

Effective gout management is attainable! Gout is a chronic, painful, degenerative 
disease of the joints and one of the most common inflammatory arthritic conditions. 
But relief is at hand!
Understanding Gout examines the causes, symptoms,and treatments of this debilitating 
disease and identifies who might be at risk. Here is the essential information about testing, 
diagnosis, and complications that can arise from untreated attacks. 
Along with a review of the medications used for managing gout and treating acute flare-ups, 
you'll find the latest recommendations for diet, lifestyle, and other beneficial measures you 
can use to effectively control this condition.
Reclaim your health and enjoy a productive life free of gout's crippling effects!

Paperback - Booklet
© 2014
48 pages 
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