Digestive Enzymes 3rd Edition
Digestive Enzymes 3rd Edition

Digestive Enzymes 3rd Edition

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It's no secret that eating nutritious foods makes a huge difference to your health. 
Due to the prevalence of processed and cooked foods many people are not getting 
enough nutrients from their diets - particularly digestive enzymes. Enzymes are the 
biochemical "keys" that can unlock the nutritional value in foods. In this booklet, 
enzyme expert Tracy Gibbs, PhD, examines how enzymes hold the keys to healthy 
digestion, but are often missing in the digestive process. He also discusses health 
problems linked to enzyme deficiencies - including obesity, osteoporosis and allergies 
- and discusses practical ways to boost your enzyme levels through diet and 

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Author	        Tracy Gibbs, PhD
Page Count	32

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