Tahoma Clinic Dispensary is here primarily to provide the patients and physicians of the Tahoma Clinic with the most effective products available. We are happy to offer these physician-selected products to you - our on-line customers.

We carry only professional-quality products used by Tahoma Clinic Physicians to maintain their reputation for outstanding medical care based on understanding nature's own processes.

Tahoma Clinic Doctors pick and choose the best - so we don't just carry one line, not even just Dr. Wright's. As he says: "No one is best at everything!" Led by Dr. Wright, they stay abreast of the latest research and have firsthand knowledge of the results seen in their patients. Our offerings change as they observe and learn more.

We are a real-world "Brick & Mortar" store, conveniently located to serve clinic patients. People who are not Tahoma Clinic patients benefit both on-line and in our store from the real world experience reflected by our offerings.

Of course we carry Dr. Wright's own products. In these, he has created formulations that help take care of or help prevent particular problems.

Yes, we carry Fun & Educational items!

In the course of our primary mission, we come across things we, the Tahoma Clinic providers and Dispensary staff, find educational, useful, or just plain fun. Sometimes new knowledge or delight contributes to well being. We provide some of that too!

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